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Tom Patterson, Founder


Upon completion of his Marine Biology degree at the University of South florida, Tom continued his education with the National Marine Fisheries Service in Galveston, Texas. While there, he specialized in aqua culture; primarily on shrimp and extensively on sea turtles and other distressed fish species.

After two years, Tom then worked for shrimp farms in Texas, Central America, South America and even an indoor aquaculture facility in Chicago, IL After several years, he returned to Dayton, his hometown, in 1983. With his new mission statement, that year he started Foremost Seafood. Outside of work he loves to golf and spend time with two beautiful daughters. 


Pam Patterson, Co-Founder


As a native of Long Island, Pam was surrounded by the sites and smells of the Atlantic Ocean. With a background in education from College of Brockport in upstate New York, and years of accounting experience post-graduation, she was a natural born business leader and mentor. 

Pam officially joined the business in 1996 and quickly demonstrated her tact for quality control, budgeting and human resources. While not at work, Pam loves to garden and cook with her two lovely daughters. 


The Crew

A superb group of 10+ individuals with diverse backgrounds all brought together by the love of food and culinary skills. With well over fifty-years combined experience in cooking, restaurant management, food handling and service, the friendly staff is there 6-days a week to help customers and chefs with any questions. On their days off, they love to spend time with family, bike and try new recipes!


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