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Frequently Asked Questions

We pulled together a list of the most commonly asked questions at Foremost - just for the halibut. 

Product Q&A 

Do you sell sushi grade fish?

Yes! We sell fresh sushi grade Scottish Salmon, Steelhead Trout, Yellowfin Tuna, & Sea Scallops. We also have frozen sushi grade Tuna Saku blocks, Hamachi Loin, Pompano, and Escolar (White Tuna). Plus we sell a lot of a pantry items for sushi night, we are a one-stop shop!


How many shucked oysters come in a pint?

There are about ~20 shucked oysters in a pint. P.S. We also sell in-shell oysters!


What kind of shrimp do you sell?

We sell frozen cooked, frozen EZ peel, and frozen raw peeled and deveined, in a range of sizes, mostly in 2 pound bags. We also offer frozen wild caught shrimp, coconut shrimp and occasionally fresh shrimp.

Helpful tip! Did you know that the size of the shrimp equates to the number of shrimp per pound? For example, since our 26-30s are sold in a 2lb bag, there are about 52-60 total shrimp.


Do you sell Live Blue Crab, Live Lobster, Live Crawfish, etc?

Yes, but these types of live product require a special order with a credit card number. Once you place your order, we can usually get them in rather quickly. The credit card number ensures pick-up of the product. Additionally, Blue Crab and Crawfish are only available during certain seasons and may require a minimum quantity. If interested in live products, give us a call or email us so we can assist!

Service and Operations Q&A

Do you ship your products?

Not at this time, but you can call or email your order and schedule a pick up time & day during our normal business hours.


Do you have an online menu with products and pricing?

Our Products page provides a high-level overview of our offerings. We do not keep an online menu because we receive multiple shipments per week, plus our inventory and prices fluctuate based on market & seasonality. Feel free to email us or call us with any product or price questions! We are known to text customers are menu :)


How do I place a pre-order so I can have my items ready when I stop by the store?

We love pre-orders! You can pre order by phone or email using the information on our Contact page. If via email, make sure you include your phone number so we can contact you with questions.


Your website says you cut to order, what does that mean?

Glad you asked! When possible, we customize the fish fillet based on your exact needs. For example, if you want 1 pound of salmon in 2 X 8oz portions, no problem! Additionally, on some fish we can remove the skin if that is your preference. The smallest cut we can offer is 4 oz.

Cooking and Preparing Q&A

How long can I wait before cooking fresh fish?

Our rule of thumb is to cook fresh fish within 48 hours of purchase. If you need to store the fish, keep it in the fridge with a sealed ice pack so it slightly lowers the temperature of the fridge storage without freezing it.


I am cooking dinner for two. How much fish shoud I buy?

A general guideline is a 1/2 pound per person (8 oz serving each). 


I bought some frozen products. How should I defrost it?

You can always pull frozen seafood items into the refrigerator and let it defrost over night. Or for a quicker way, leave the item(s) in its sealed package, fill your sick with cold water and submerge! You will be able to feel when the product is thawed.


How long should I cook my fish filet?

A rule of thumb for fish is to cook 10 minutes per inch of thickness. Two exceptions are tuna, which is 5 minutes, and seabass, which is 15 minutes (due to its' high oil content it takes longer; to tell if seabass is done, your fork should go through like butter!).

Get in Touch

Didn't answer your question? Contact us and our fish crew will be happy to help you.

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