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Did you know?
The shelf life of fresh fish is doubled for every


                         degree reduction in temperature.


By wrapping your fish & surrounding it with ice in the refrigerator, it will stay twice as long.


And Fresh from the Warm Waters...


Florida and Caribbean Nation: snapper, grouper, mahi mahi, tuna, swordfish, wahoo, shrimp


Gulf States: catfish, shrimp


Meditteranean: whole bronzini, dorade (sea bream), sardines


Chile: sea bass 


Costa Rica: tilapia







Did you know?

When cooking fresh fish, a general rule is


                         minutes of TOTAL cooking time


per 1 inch of thickness. Generally on a medium-high heat. 


We have a wide array of  frozen offerings too. Including but not limited to: shrimp, perch, octopus, crab cakes, cray fish, coconut shrimp, and custom-made soups. With over 300 varieties of frozen seafood, stop by and we can show you even more!  

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