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Our Service

Foremost Seafood serves a variety of high-quality restaurants, grocers and institutions throughout Dayton, OH. We also pride ourselves on dedicated and personal service toward any individual who comes to our shop with an order - small or large.

We keep all fresh fish on ice in commercial coolers for temperature stability and minimized handling. Foremost and all suppliers operate in accordance with the strictest HACCP food safety standards.

 Retail Market Experience

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Daily Menu

Upon entering the shop, you are greeted by our Foremost family who offers a daily menu of our hundreds of fresh & frozen seafood options with the latest pricing and availability.


There are also self-serve coolers, freezers, and pantry items worth checking out!



We take your seafood order and send it to the back of house to cut to order. These orders can range from one pound of salmon to dozens of oysters. We customize orders to the best of our ability.


You can pre-order via phone or email if you want a quicker checkout experience.


Check Out

Afterward, your order is neatly packaged and placed on ice for transport. 


If you are looking for meal inspiration, we have hundreds of recipes at the shop, as well as delicious ideas listed on our website. We also enjoy answering any questions.  Can't wait to see you soon!


Wholesale Distributor and Partner

Foremost Seafood has been providing restaurants, grocery stores and institutions with high-quality seafood since it's inception in 1983. Now serving over 75 local establishments throughout Dayton, OH area, Foremost Seafood is the number one locally based provider of fresh seafood.


Since we process and deliver seafood 5-days per week, the product will be guaranteed fresh in a timely manner. You can call ahead to verify availability and seasonality for any specialty items or upcoming events. With the vast experience our crew has working with local restaurants, we can confidently & professionally assist you with your needs. 

"I have been with Foremost Seafood for more than 5 years now, their quality, customer service and seafood selection is second to none!"

Executive Chef A.J. Graf

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