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Wholesale Partnership


Foremost Seafood has been providing local restaurants and grocery stores with their high-quality seafood since it's inception in 1983.


Now serving over 75 local establishments, Foremost Seafood is the number one locally based provider of fresh seafood.


Since we process and deliver seafood 6-days per week, the product will be guaranteed fresh to your door in a timely manner. You can call ahead to verify availability and seasonality for any specialty items or upcoming events. With the vast experience our crew has working for and with local restaurants we can professionally assist you with your needs.

The freshest best tasting seafood. Do yourself a favor and try this place if you love seafood. The service is great too, friendly and knowledgeable.

Lori Trickler

I love this place! The best place to get wild caught fresh fish and seafood; you won't find better price, quality, and service anywhere in the Dayton area. I just got some beautiful wild caught Atlantic Char and grilled for dinner last night......with zuchinni, sweet red pepper, red onion, fresh chopped garlic, and tomatoes, rounded out with green and black olives, perfectly satisfying meal. Thanks Foremost!

Sharon Landreth Kelly Bowen

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Retail Experience


Upon entering the store you are greeted by friendly staff that offer a daily menu with hundreds of seafood options. 

Based on years of tradition and knowledge, the seafood is kept in the back and on ice. After answering your questions, the crew takes your order. These orders can range from a pound of salmon to dozens of live lobsters. 

Before packaging your product, the crew shows you your individualized seafood order to approve and admire.  Afterward, your final order is securely wrapped and placed on ice for transport.

Need recipes or last minute items? Check out their pantry for locally procured cooking items and books of highly-recommended recipes. 

It is a dedication to quality and service to not only their customers, but employees, that makes Foremost Seafood my choice for quality fish and seafood in the Dayton area. Tom and Pam Patterson are hands-on owners who are committed to excellence which results in a great product. Now that's a recipe for success. 

David J. Glynn

Executive Chef

I have been with Foremost Seafood for more than five years now, their quality, customer service, and seafood selection is second to none!

A.J. Graf

Executive Chef

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