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Fried Haddock

We’ve now entered the month of love. With Valentine's Day just a few days away, romantic gestures are sprouting up left and right. There are plenty of fish in the ocean but be the one that floats your partner's boat by cooking something special. Going out to dinner is nice, but if you are looking for an intimate night without all the hassle, this recipe is as delicious as it is easy to make. This month we’re going to fry up some Haddock.

All about Haddock

Haddock is a salt water fish that can be distinguished by the black line that runs horizontally down the side of the fish. It is closely related to Cod but is smaller in size. Haddock has a mildly sweet flavor that has a finer flake to it than Cod.

However, the taste of Haddock has been noted to be quite similar to Cod making it easy to substitute one for the other in recipes.

At Foremost Seafood our Haddock is wild caught and comes from the North Atlantic/New England.

Our price for Haddock is $16.99/lb (price is subject to change). The Haddock fillets do have the skin on but you do have the option to have it removed. For this recipe we recommend removing the skin before frying.

The Recipe

For this recipe, I had Denise put together her take on fried Haddock. She made this recipe with Cod and it was delicious so I know that doing it for Haddock would be a hit. It takes only a few ingredients to prepare. One of the ingredients, Andy’s Red Breading, is available at Foremost Seafood for only $1.99 a bag. Make sure you grab one of those while picking up your fish for this recipe.


  • 1# Haddock filet skinless

  • 2 eggs

  • ¼ cup of milk

  • Frying oil (vegetable oil was used for this recipe)

  • 1 bag of Andy’s Red Breading (Available at Foremost Seafood)


Rinse Haddock and pat dry. Set Haddock aside.

In a bowl, mix 2 eggs with your milk.

Dip the Haddock into the egg mixture.

Dredge the Haddock in Andy’s Red - make sure to shake off any excess breading.

Place the fish on a wire rack for 5 minutes to set up.

Place frying oil in a pan (an inch of oil should be enough to coat the fish). Set on medium high heat.

Once oil is hot, place pieces of the fish into the pan and fry til golden brown. Turn the fish over and repeat for the other side.

Once the fish is fried, place it on a wire rack to drain.

**If you are looking to do a traditional recipe, this one is great for fish and chips. You can also substitute Haddock with Cod for this recipe.

**You can also use an air fryer if deep frying is not your thing. Just remember directions will be different than the ones provided above.

At Foremost Seafood

Looking for a way to show someone special that you care this holiday season? Why not try out this recipe? Haddock is a nice flakey white fish that not only is delicious, but pretty simple to cook. Whether you’re preparing fried Haddock or have something else in mind, we can help you out. Give us a call at (937) 298-1986 to place your pre-order, or come on by our store front at 1912 Woodman Center Drive, Kettering, OH 45420. We hope to sea you soon!

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